Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a great and relatively affordable way to easily transform the space that you have. You are not only adding an additional room but an additional floor. This aspect alone makes a huge impact on the sense of space you gain without even taking into account the amount of actual square footage you will acquire.

Depending on the style of house you have, the borough that the property is in and the budget that you are working within we always recommend looking at the possibility of a double loft conversion. This is where you build over the rear addition as well as the front addition.

By having this done at the same time as the traditional loft conversion you benefit from an additional loft conversion at possibly 50% of the usual cost. This is achieved by making double use of all the aspects required to carry out a traditional single loft conversion, such as scaffolding, steel lifts, material delivery, and man power. This will double your top floor space and add obvious vast potential to your home. We can finish your loft to any stage you require. Whether it is just the shell you require, a full and completely finished living area or somewhere in between, we can fully customise your package to meet your requirements. If an ensuite was part of your plans then this is no problem as well. Adding extra radiators to your existing heating system that will be located in your new living area is also extremely easy and cost effective. Use our easy to follow quality finish level tab to start to get an idea of how much you can achieve with the budget you have set.

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 Extensions are another great way to increase your living space and often an ideal opportunity to make your existing living area a much more light an airy space by using the addition of larger window openings and sliding or bi fold doors. Whether it is a single storey or double storey extension, side or rear, this easy element of construction can drastically change the way you occupy and if need be change and improve the layout of your home.


We can complete up to any stage of your extension that you require. Whether it is just the outer shell to be erected, leaving you warm and dry or whether you want your new living space completely finished all the way down to the professional clean, we can work to your exact requirements and budget. Why not use our easy to follow quality finish level tab to start to get an idea of how much you can achieve with the budget you have set.